I love peanut butter sandwiches. I am known by my family for having this for dessert when I was a teen and well into adulthood. My girls on the other hand love the peanut butter and honey combo. This was in a regular rotation in their lunch box in grade school.

I wanted to make something exciting for lunch the other day that won’t take much time to make. This sandwich seems to be the perfect choice.

To make, I cooked my bacon in a 425F oven until brown and crisped. Just place several pieces on a foil lined tray and bake for around 20 minutes. I learned this is the easiest and fastest way to cook bacon.

Toast some sliced bread, I used whole wheat but you can use whatever you want. Then generously spread some peanut butter on the two slices of bread. Place some sliced bananas on one of the slices, then drizzle some honey on the bananas. Arrange a couple of bacon slices then carefully lay the other slice of bread on top.

Cut in half and serve.