Though our state is lifting restrictions on our stay at home order and restaurants are starting to re-open for take away or delivery, we still opt to eat at home and prepare our own food. We really miss going and hanging out at our favorite Asian Bakeries and Cafes so I try my best to make their bread creations here at home for the family.

This Korean sausage bread is one of the many offerings of Paris Baguette. They have various sweet and savory bread creations and this is just one of them.

This is not an original recipe, I just adapted the recipe from this site. The only change I made was I omitted adding the corn topping since we are not very fond of such flavor combination for our bread. I just added some shredded cheese on top before baking which works well for us. I also drizzled the ketchup after baking the bread as opposed to what the original recipe called for.