You can never have too much Spam. This does not mean though that we have it on a regular basis. We have Spam as a treat or when we want to have something in a hurry. I sometimes call it as my emergency food, when I am too lazy to make dinner.

I have mentioned that we love our Spam with rice. This dish is just an upgraded version of Spam and Rice in my opinion.

To make, slice your Spam into your desired thickness. Fry your spam using a non-stick pan so that you need not use any oil. I like my spam to be brown and crisp around the edges. Then make a sunny side up egg and set this aside. To assemble, place about a quarter cup of rice or more onto a bowl. Arrange a few pieces of spam, some sliced avocado, your egg and shredded roasted seaweed. Drizzle your egg with a combination of soy sauce and sesame oil before serving.