This is a long overdue post, two years to be precise ! When we went home for a month long vacation in the Philippines Summer of 2018, we stayed at an Airbnb in Bonifacio Global City. There we had an unlimited number of restaurants we can choose to dine in every single day. We happened to chance upon Tendon Konaku one evening while strolling inside Uptown Mall, debating amongst ourselves where to have dinner. After a quick glance at the menu posted outside, I realized it’s just like Tendon Hannosuke at Mitsuwa. They specialize in “tendon” or tempura rice bowl. Kohaku means amber in Japanese. It serves to define the color of their tempura which is “fried to amber perfection”. This is also a Japanese franchise and have several locations in Singapore and Malaysia.


I was impressed how the place was decorated and appointed. Service was also good and servers where attentive. We ordered the following items.


The Wasabi Potato Salad for starters. Serving is more than enough for us to share. It’s made up of salad greens with a sprinkling of fruit and corn and a scoop of Japanese style potato salad in the center.

Then the girls had the Udon with Tiger Prawn Tempura and Thinly Sliced Pork Niku Udon.



While my husband and I both had the House Special Kohaku Tendon. It’s made up of an assortment of Chicken breast, tiger prawn, squid, crab stick, green beans, shiitake and pumpkin tempura. It also comes with a bowl of miso soup and pickled radish. This type of tempura doesn’t need a dipping sauce since some sweet and salty kind of sauce is drizzled over it just like in Tendon Hannosuke. You can choose from original and spicy kind of sauce.


Food was delicious and well prepared.