Our family has a long history with this Japanese restaurant. We have been loyal customers since the early 80’s when our dad started bringing us here. We have celebrated many special events, occasions and milestones here. We started patronizing this resturant when they were still at the Makati Commercial Center beside Rustan’s, their original location. We would always dine at their Teppanyaki table. Though at times we would go to the main dining hall for tempura and their private rooms if we want a more intimate family gathering.

On my last visit to Manila, I decided to celebrate my birthday here with my entire family; my parents, sisters, brothers in law and nephews and nieces. I booked a private room in advance for a teppanyaki style dinner.

For starters we had miso soup, kobachi beans and were given complimentary tazukuri (candied dried anchovies) with some pickled vegetables. We also had tuna sashimi and California rolls. I got an additional order of shrimp tempura too for all, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a photo.





Before dinner is prepared we were given the dipping sauce for meat and seafood as well as separate sauces for the sushi/sashimi and the tempura.


As customary, the chef first prepared the fried rice. Watching the chef make the rice infront of us brought back memories. The fried rice even taste the way I remembered it, much better than Benihana.



Then we had the following :

Tofu steak.



Chicken Teppanyaki



Prawns Teppanyaki


And the Steak with beansprouts .


We had a great dinner overall. Quality of food and taste is the same the way I remember back in the early 80’s. This is among the very few restaurants in the Philippines which has remained in operation for more than four decades and is consistent in the quality of food and service they provide.